About Us

We believe in patient-centered healthcare

Concierge Rehabilitation is here to serve your needs

Our service was founded to make physiotherapy and rehabilitation as convenient and effective as possible for those who need it.

We understand that pain can impair your daily functions. There are times when it can prevent you from visiting a physiotherapy clinic to receive treatment.

We want you to be only a phone call away from receiving immediate treatment and physiotherapy in Mississauga

Our services are curated to fit the needs of our patients at their convenience. Talk to us today to know how we can help.

We believe in patient-centered healthcare

We want to prioritize patient-centered care by making our patients feel valued, heard and know that their opinions are being considered. We will provide them with a clear and thorough explanation of their diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.

We understand that apart from the physical symptoms’ patients feel with any injuries, there is mental and emotional distress as well. Studies have shown that being taken to a hospital for long periods can increase a patient’s anxiety and depression symptoms. By building a therapeutic treatment plan for you at home, we aim to alleviate these symptoms holistically.